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How To Get Started
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Ann B. Davis

Frankly, all you need to get started is a decent site, some envelopes, and a book of stamps. I used to use websites that got me nowhere when I was first starting off. All of the information was outdated and listed the addresses of players that I had never heard of because they weren't exactly All Star Caliber. Eventually I found Yes, Yes, Yes, when you go there you are gonna have to pay...but trust me on this. For $5.00 A month you can be in autograph heaven. Thousands of people send in autograph information daily. You can get information on who signs, how long it took, even get scans of the 'graphs. The database lists more names than there are people in China.  Anyway, find a star that you like and check out the address history. See if he/she is a decent signer and the address is recent. Now, type up a letter sucking up as much as possible.Like if I was writing a letter to Al Pacino I would say,
Dear Mr. Pacino,
Hello. My name is Jesse and I am 15 years old. I am a lifelong fan of yours and I am a huge fan or your work. Scarface, in all honesty has got to be the greatest flick of all time. The phrase "Say Hello to my Little Friend", not only capitivated a global audience, it impacted me. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the magnificant work that you have done throught the years. Anyway, I wanted to add a piece of Movie history to my collection. Would you mind helping expand my collection? Thank You Mr. Pacino and may God bless you.
     Your Biggest Fan,
Now after we get the letter out of the way, it's time to find something to get signed. Now this is where it gets tricky . Usually the celeb will have something to send to you. For instance When I wrote to Matt Damon he mailed me back an 8 x 10. However, don't always depend on them having something. I tend to send a Index Card because if I lose them they are worthless anyway. However, I do realize that a Picture looks much better when displayed. 8 x 10's are incredibly expensive to buy unsigned so I usually go to Wal-Mart and get some glossy photo paper. Then I go to and search the images for a picture that I like, blow it up to fit the page and WALAH. You got your self a nice picture suitable for framing! Also. Dont send anything that you will regret losing. For instance, if you have a baseball card family heirloom of a legend and you think it would look cool if you got it signed. SAVE IT. Find the celeb at an autograph show. DONT MAIL VALUABLES. You want to get a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) on this you put YOUR name and address so that after the celeb signs your item he/she can mail it back to you without having to pay for postage. Remember to put a stamp on your SASE. Now, seal it all up and mail it out! Wait......Open Mail Box....Find Autograph....Leap for Joy.......Thank Me.......and CONGRATULATIONS you have mastered the hobby of collecting autographs through the mail!