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More stuff you should know before you go autograph crazy.......

NCAA Basketball and Football
                                    Autograph Site
E-mail to add your link here
The E-mail I got from the Baseball
                                    Hall of Fame regarding Mail Fowarding....
The Baseball Hall of Fame is pleased to forward mail to the Hall of Famer with 
                                    you choose to correspond.  Please note that we can not forward mail to
                                    players who are not elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, nor will we
                                    forward Veterans Committee proposals.
                                    Also, please note that the following six Hall of Famers do not accept 
                                    Johnny Bench, Jim Bunning, Carlton Fisk, Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax and 
The other hall of fames will also do this, 
however as I have not written to the
                                    hall of fames of the other sports I do not know who 
accepts mail and who does not. Anyhelp with that would
                                    be great 

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Some Notes on Player Habits:
As you will find out the Bigger name Players tend not to
Don't waste your time with the stars like Bonds, Griffey, Jeter, A-Rod, -The entire Yankees team for that matter, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, .....Well you get the idea...The lesser known players tend to sign better because they care about their fans.......You should try to stick to the Retired guys...They tend to have more time on their hands and love to stay close to their fans...
Phil Neikro is a hit or miss signer...On some days he will refuse mail and the next sign. All from the same address.
Fernando Valenzuela, Moose Skowron, Sparky Anderson, Goose Gossage, Ron Cey and Bobby Doerr among others you will get a positive response from almost 100% of the time with a polite letter.
For those hard to get celebs I found this site online called it is a site where you can purchase an autographed picture from a large array of celebs. They will even personalize it complete with your message. Would make a great birthday gift ect...
Try getting items signed via venue. Like mailing an item to a theater or arena where a concert is taking place. Most of the time the venue will foward mail to the celebrity.
Yahoo! Groups at has an assortment of Autograph through the Mail Groups. Try searching for either Autographs Through the mail or one of the groups that I am in Macmaroon, Bluto, or Baseballsigs
If YOU have an autograph site that you would like me to feature on this site just let me know my e-mail is I would be happy to place a link on my page.
The books Sign This and Sign This 2 are currently available. They were written by a life long collector named Tom Bunevich. I happen to be featured in Sign This 2. They are made up of stories from common sports fans like ourselves. They include autograph experiences and player signing habits. They are only about $10.00 Each and well worth it. For more info visit offers a list of every autograph guest appearance in the country. Makes a great guide on what celebrity will be visiting your area.

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