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Autographs obtained through the mail from your favorite Athletes, Artists and Celebrities.


Robert Redford

1101 Montana Ave.

Santa Monica, CA 90403-1620

Signed 8x10 I sent

Los Lonely Boys

C/o Loophole Entertainment

P.O. Box 162045

Austin, TX 78716

Mailed Large Envelope w/ SASE August 1, 2005

Received November 9, 2005

Signed 8x10 by all 3
Karl Rove

c/o The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue North West

Washington, DC  20500

Mailed w/ SASE and 1 index card

received his signed 8x10 and signed business card

(sure to be valuable in the future)



March 2003, I'm sitting in my room, surrounded by the junk that a 14 year old tends to accumulate. In my haste to clean it I came across an old card of former Yankee Great Goose Gossage. After finding an address on the internet I figured I would mail it to him and see what happened. 2 weeks past and I totally forgot about what happened to the card. Until one day after a short trip to the mailbox. I saw that it had been returned to me signed by Goose! The torch had been lit. I was hooked. A few months later I would run into Goose at the National Card Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey and showed him the card. Patting me on the back he encouraged me to continue the hobby. Letter after letter was mailed out with mind-blowing success. Now 17 with almost 200 different signatures, it has come time to share my experience with others. This website will help those who have alot of free time. It will list my Successes and Failures along with the Addresses of your favorite stars. Enjoy!

>>>I can be contacted at <<<



The price of stamps and supplies can become overwhelming on the budget of a 17-year old. Any donation you would be willing to make is greatly appreciated. Even $1.00 would help. Thanks!

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